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What is WHS?


WHS is Workplace Health and Safety. There are laws surrounding an employer's requirements and obligations to provide a workplace that is free from any threats to the health and safety of its employees. From time to time an employee is injured at work and is eligible to apply for workers compensation. The workers compensation provisions slightly differ from state to state and territory however, they are fairly consistent in their approach. As an HR consulting firm, Close Consulting does not advise on WHS law, we work closely with legal representation who specialise in this field and we are able to provide you with that assistance should this be required.


How do we help clients with WHS? - benefits & things they need (training, signage, markings etc.)


As an HR consulting firm, what we can do for you however, is help you draft WHS policies and procedures, advise on the correct signage and notification in your workplace and assist in preparing training on-site or online for your staff who may require WHS familiarisation. We can discuss this with you during our initial consultation




Our pricing is very competitive and we will tailor that with our clients based on the size of the operation together with the amount of work required and this will be discussed at our initial consultation with the client.


Why is WHS so important?


A thorough understanding of WHS policies and work practices is essential in any workplace to mitigate the risks of injuries to both employees and employers. By making the investment in the first instance to ensure a workplace is fully safe for all who enter, an employer demonstrates responsibility and accountability to all who work for them along with any visitors to a worksite.

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